We at Barberville Baptist Church believe that every member has been given a gift to serve the Lord. Listed below are some of the ministries that will provide many rewarding opportunities for our members to serve in. Although there has been substantial growth in the past year, we pray that our congregation will continue to grow with faithful members who will want to serve in the various ministries of the church and will be dedicated to our mission of evangelism, edification, worship, and service to God -- with a heart to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ at home and abroad.

Elder/Deacon Ministry

Our elders and deacons are here to serve the members of Barberville Baptist Church. Whether you need a personal visit, counseling, or have a prayer concern, our elders and deacons are ready and willing to minister to you in a special way.

Family Ministry

We believe that a church is made up of families, not classes. That's why we desire to use our gathering times to strengthen the family by providing training and edification to parents, and support and instruction for children and young adults. Beginning this fall, Barberville will offer opportunties for growth to all ages on Sunday mornings through classes at 9:45 AM and in worship at 11:00 AM, Sunday evenings at 6:00 PM, and Wednesday evenings at 6:00 PM. We encourage parents to practice family worship times of prayer, singing and scripture reading in the home daily (and we'll show you how!). Also, our Sunday morning worship is open to all ages and stages. While we provide nursery facilities for infants, toddlers and their parents if needed during worship, we encourage parents to model worship for their children by helping them sing, pray, give and listen to the Word of God each Sunday. At Barberville, we love seeing kids everywhere!

Music Ministry

One of the ways members can jump right into service is by joining our musicians and choir on Sunday mornings. At Barberville, we worship God through a variety of songs that teach sound doctrine and encourage your spirit. You'll get the opportunity to learn modern hymns as well as sing favorites from ages past. Our choir is made up of real people from all backgrounds, so we welcome all members to join us in song.


You'll notice right away that the members of Barberville have a big heart for missions. In addition to supporting the Cooperative Program, Barberville has the joy of partnering with many missionaries and their families personally each month. Often on Sunday mornings you'll hear Pastor Kris give us updates from our missionaries, and we spend regular time in prayer for them as they serve.


We believe that every Christian plays a essential part in the ministry of the church and we have multiple opportunities for people to serve. If you are interested in serving please let any of our ministry leaders know. If you are considering volunteering or are already a volunteer and haven't filled out a background check please click here to fill out the form.